Family Genogram and Ecomap

Family Genogram and Ecomap

A family genogram is a graphic representation of the family tree; however, it goes deeper into a familial relationship and provides a hereditarypattern. The genogram presented below depicts a family of four, a pattern of obesity can be observed. Two members of the family are obese


Family genogram

Genogram Symbols










An ecomap show the relationship between a people the environment in which they live. Ecomaps can be used to depict an entire family and their surroundings, the ecomap below show a family of four and how they interact with the environment.








Ecomap Key

Person, Male
Person, Female
Strong Connection
Stress Connection


Tacoma Park MD has a population of 17,670 as at 2014. This has been an increase of 2.1% since. The rate of population growth in the area is relatively slow. Males account for 46.4% while females account for 53.6% of the population. The estimated median income per household is $82,203. The area has two major hospitals, Washington Adventist Hospital and the Sligo Creek Center; there are also other minor hospitals and clinics. The area has a high prevalence of obesity.

Based on the genogram and the ecomap, a clear medical problem in the family is the obesity. Two members of the family are obese and thus faces limitation in life. Janet does not enjoy the quality of life like her brother, she does not have the confidence to take part in sports or the privilege of making many friends, her problem is related to her body weight. According to the cognitive theory, the differences between individual comes from how they think, including how they think of themselves (Ayres & Paas, 2012). To the extent that Janet cannot participate in social interactions in a similar fashion like her brother, there are clear signs of depression resulting from a negative self-image. An intervention should, therefore, focus on regaining confidence in life

While obesity is associated with physical and mental problems, the community does not have sufficient structure to take care of cases of obesity. Thus, family needs to work towards the improvement of Janet’s physical health as well as emotional health. Since two members of the family are suffering from the same condition, an effective approach will be engaging all family members in exercise sessions guided by a certified physical trainer. The workout should focus on reduction of body weight. For Janet, additional intervention in the form psychological help is necessary to boost her self-esteem. A combination of the two programs can produce positive results.


Ayres, P., & Paas, F. (2012). Cognitive Load Theory: New Directions and Challenges. Applied Cognitive Psychology26(6), 827-832.