Evidence-Based Practice Evaluation

Evidence-Based Practice Evaluation

Evidence-based practice is a process that has several steps and evaluation of the new practice is the last step involved in the process.  Evaluation is defined as the assessment of the new practice together with the outcomes of the program (Vallino‐Napoli, 2013). It is reasonable to assume that no single practice can satisfy everyone in the healthcare settings and evaluation forms the basis of acceptance of the new practice. According to Melnyk and Fineout (2014), the evaluation phase determines whether the evidence-based practice is fully implemented or some adjustments have to be met. One crucial factor that is important in the evaluation phase is the expected outcomes. I am going to evaluate the outcome of my project on nursing education regarding palliative care by the total number of patients seeking palliative care services in the facility.

The expected outcome of the project was that there would be an increased number of patients seeking palliative care services after three months. The main reason why patients do not seek palliative care services is lack of information on the relevance of palliative care services (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber, 2017). This project aimed at increasing the palliative care patient turnover through the introduction of nursing education. The nursing education provision aims at providing knowledge and skills to the nurses so that they can show patients why they need palliative care services.

The evaluation of the practice will be done by collecting data from the hospital records regarding the number of patients seeking palliative care. Primarily, useful information will be obtained from the departmental heads on the number of patients referred for the service by doctors in collaboration with the nursing team. Evaluation of the project will help determine the effectiveness of the nursing education program and the acceptance rate of the service by the patients.


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