Ethical Issues Surrounding the Use of Information Technology

Ethical Issues surrounding the use of Information Technology

  1. a) Family, eldercare, and parenting issues with technology and information systems

IT developments in regard to Parenting

The context issues that were related to parenting included the matters related to the security. Parents are not able to figure out what their children are doing on the internet as there is security measures that are already set in place that hinder the parents from viewing the context that is being observed by their children. Parents are troubled as they do not know what is happening in the children mind.

Parents now have come up with ideas of using some applications that are connected to the areas where their sons and daughters are prone to buy substances that can ruin their minds. They are connected to the web servers and here they are able to know the areas where their children buy or sell narcotic drugs. These are drugs that may cause damage to these children and before it’s too late parents are able to take serious measures as its detected early. These are some of the factors which hinder the development of Information Technology as they have not been accepted by so many people as they can ruin parenting at some point if the cases are not handled parenting, it becomes a bother too when the parents are not certain of what their children are doing in their daily life. This technique in the use of Information Technology has got pros and cons too. It has improved parenting by monitoring children in whatever they are doing thus improving and correcting their behavior at an early stage.

The use of information technology has led to easy learning of children when in homes. When there are internet and IT devices such as the Laptops in homes, parenting becomes easier as the learning materials are provided online and the children only require some guidelines from the parents.

Parents have also come up with ideas for making applications for monitoring their phone and the peers who are relating with their sons and daughters so as to prevent them from being ruined or falling into bad companies. This has improved Information Technology in that most of the parents have taken most of the parents have taken this method of monitoring their children thus being cautious of their actions and thus improving technology on the other hand.

  1. b) Ethical issues that may surround the use of information technology in the implementation or development of eldercare.


The use Information Technology has improved the security of data in the PCs whereby the children cannot access information without any authorization. In the past security on the information was very low and anybody could access the information by due to the advance of Information Technology things has changed. There are security systems that are already installed in the current Pcs and this helps one to build passwords that provide security to the data. Without the password, no one can access the information.

Legal issues

The elderly should have full legal rights to the systems. Advancements in IT has increased security among the system rights to the owners of the systems. The elderly now have got security on their systems and no one can claim to own them.



This refers the conduct of behavior. The system should provide good virtues among others. The systems provide platforms that enhance the learning of moral lessons that improves molarity in people. The systems are also set in a way that they cannot browse bad sites that can teach children bad lessons on immorality. The sites are blocked by the firewall which prevents the users from accessing an authorized sites which are not morally upright in relation to children.


The software used in the systems should be accessed legally from the suppliers who are authorized and licensed. This helps in tech support in case there are technological problems.


Copyright refers to the total ownership of something by someone. Any materials accessed by the system should be legally accessed to ensure that no infringement of the materials occurs on the copyright.

c)Ethical issues that may surround the use of information technology in the implementation or development of Family.

Information Technology has enhanced good family relations in that there is proper communication between the family members through technological mediums. When the family members are away from each other they tend to miss each other so much, therefore, they require mediums such as Whatsapp for communication. Information technology has enabled good relations in families. Information technology has also advanced security in homes through CCTV monitoring systems. The CCTV monitoring surveillance systems are connected with the family site and when every member of the family intends to know how everything at home is faring, they just scroll the cameras and survey their homes. Information technology has increased security and communication in the homes.

Another security measure that has been set up in a home is by the use of biometric systems to open up the gates and the main entrance doors. The computer systems are fed with each an every member of the family information And stored in the database. When each member of the family requires accessing home a biometric search is carried and when the systems identify the owner the doors open. This has decreased insecurity issues in the homes.

Information technology has been improved also by the married couples who always think that their spouses are cheating on them. The use applications that are connected online or to their emails. This has helped most of the families to practice faithfulness. In most of the families, unfaithfulness has been the order but Information Technology has solved this issue by enhancing openness in the family to the married couples. This method enhances the families to be strong thus avoiding family conflicts and Quarles. This has improved technology as most of the families has opted to use this method. Information technology has improved the relations in the families. Although It also has some disadvantage in the family because of not building trust in the married couples. This has resulted in some point decline in the growth of information technology development.

Information technology has enabled the source of important raw materials that are helpful in the marriages. Most of the couples in the families spend their time learning from the videos that they watch online thus restoring their homes.

There are applications that are found online that help in family planning and family lifestyle and this has improved families and has also led to the development of IT.


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