Coalition Addressing Childhood Asthma

Coalition Addressing Childhood Asthma


To advance on the efforts of health improvement, various efforts need to be employed that will address the community’sneeds therefore, it is paramount to engage the community members on coalition set to address such issues. For a coalition addressing childhood asthma, it is critical to include the individuals whoare affecteddisproportionately by asthma as well as institutions and individuals around them. People affectedby asthma pandemic does not only mean the people actively suffering from the disease but also the people who take care of the sick people in this case children.

There are factors outside the healthcare that are very compelling in the fight against childhood asthma such as economic, social support networks, social status, physical environment, education, personal health practices among others. These factors are critical in selecting a coalition that will help curb childhood asthma as they affect the coalition in several ways including the understanding of the disease. Community members must engage in all aspects of planning and implementation of public health initiatives. The importance of the community in asthma control is that it is easy to work with a group that is willing to workwithin the frame of reference with the help of exposure and experience based on their past or current encounters with the condition.

The community is needed in the coalition since they can be engaged at various simultaneous levels linked with the preventive strategies and the epidemiologic orientation of the public with the individuals. The community empowerment will assert the mastery of the disease and has the power to effect changes in the social way of life which in turn helps to achieve the set strategy on thereduction of childhood asthma.

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