Capstone Project: Evaluation

Capstone Project: Evaluation
a. Briefly state your SMART, patient-focused project outcome, your corresponding plan for evaluation, and date for evaluation.
b. What type of data or information must you gather to determine the degree to which your SMART, patient-focused capstone project outcome has been achieved?
For instance: In our example, the information necessary to determine project outcome achievement is the incidence of CAUTI on the unit before and after the project was initiated.

Capstone Project: Evaluation
c. What data collection method will you use to gather the information you need to determine whether the project achieves your desired outcome?
For instance: In our example, the data collection method would be tracking/monitoring the CAUTI incidence on the unit. Collaboration with the unit manager may be necessary to obtain this data.

Capstone Project: Evaluation
d. How can you ensure your evaluation results are credible to stakeholders and others in your organization?
e. What limitations can you identify about your evaluation plan?
f. Are there any aspects of your SMART, patient-focused capstone outcome statement or corresponding evaluation plan that need further clarification, modification, or streamlining? If so, please share along with your plan to improve alignment between these two aspects of your strategic plan.

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