APN Professional Development Plan Paper


Advanced Professional Nurses (APNs) are those registered as well as having enhanced training and the required certification. The certification enables them to provide quality medical and medical and health services in all healthcare settings. The demand for healthcare in the United States supposes the provision. The APNs have become valuable since they ensure all who are in need of healthcare services are catered for. Additionally, increased scarcity of healthcare specialists in the United States calls the need to implement reforms nursing curricula to enable training of more APN experts. This will enable the filling of the gaps that are currently existing in various healthcare professionals in the United States. They are mainly employed fully in the provision of healthcare services in areas with few or no physicians…

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State Of Florida APN scope of practice

The scope of practice of APNs illustrate the requirements and the responsibility for the position. It is essential because it outlines the regulation as well as the guidelines for APN. Such guidelines and regulation are key in ensuring that professionalism, as well as ethics, is usedin all the healthcare services delivered. The basis of APN practices are scientific evidence capable of being implemented in various healthcare settings. Diverse types of scopes including research, mentorship, research education and leadership are important in enhancing nursing leadership…..

..The board work in conjunction with nurses the American Nurses Association to enable evaluation of the qualification of the members applying for the certificate (Spoelstra, S. L., & Robbins, L. B, 2010). The APNs with a certificate are only required to practice within the Florida States. The license is normally issued to individuals after they have completed a program recognized by ANA. The process of establishing a uniform scope of practices in the United States continue to be debated.

/….The responsibility of APNs in the Unites States differs slightly from one States to another. APNs are required to collaborate with physicians to ensure that the needs of the patients in the primary healthcare setting are met. In Florida, independence practice by APN is strictly regulated. Florida among other states suffers from the shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals. Both short-term and long-term strategies need to be put in place to ensure that the issue of the nursing shortage is well managed(Joyce et al., 2014). ….

Standards and Core Competencies for APNs

Core competence is obtained from three aspects in nursing. This includes practice, social, economic welfare, and regulation…

Personal assessments

The fact that APNs have many roles calls for the need to for self-assessment. Personal assessment facilitate comprehensive evaluation on the current success as well as hitches in practice and key action steps needed in professional advancement in nursing…

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The biggest strength of APNs mainly lies on a wide knowledge of the evidence-based nursing practice. As APN, I can use the knowledge, skills and experience gained to …..


The responsibility of APN are an, and therefore, I am not able to have the needed knowledge in areas in healthcare settings. For instance, ..


Increased demands for healthcare services has delivered me with the opportunity to advance the needed awareness and know-how. …


My short-term goal includes accomplishing ANCC nurse executive requirements through the passing of the exam. ..


My main objective as APN involves promoting the approach undertaken by APNs as well as…

Networking and marketing

In Florida, APN has various opportunity to work in several bodies. These institutions include such as schools, hospitals as well as other organizations offering different types of healthcare interventions. ….


APNs play a significant role in filling the gaps that exist during the provision of healthcare services. Regulations and laws need to be made to support the approach of the APN as well as to ensure improved scope of practice….


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