ANA Ethics in practice

ANA Ethics in practice

From the ANA codes of ethics provision 6, both the nurse and the colleagues develops and maintain an ethical surrounding in order to carry out their duties (Mallari, Grace, & Joseph, 2016). Through the ethical environment, both safety and quality of service provision is enhanced. The ethical environment also applied to the employment of other nursing staff to protect them as well as enhance professional development throughout the period of nursing practice.

Ethical practices by the nurse create a conducive environment to spearhead leadership. Via the moral behaviors, positive and effective outcomes are realized to both the patients as well as the colleague nurses. From the care that is provided, the nurse has to displays ethical decision making which can be attributed to various considerations about the provision of nursing services. The nurse handles all moves with the professional needs that are expected. With this taken into account, the ethical behaviors act as a guide to the rest to maintain the same while undertaking their nursing roles. Ethical behavior forms a significant portion of ethical leadership since it is a display of one’s character, mindset, courage as well as the decision-making skills which are all critical factors for leadership. These behaviors get to be emulated which can rally the team behind such characters to maintain ethics (Brown & Treviño, 2014). The behaviors ranges from being fair, doing good and maintaining justice.

As the leader maintains ethical behaviors throughout the operations in a unit, the behavior leads to provision of better services among the care users as well as inspiring other employees on the maintenance of the ethical behaviors (Makaroff et al., 2014). The employees can follow suit after observing the practice as well as the outcome from the leader. In this manner, the leader turns to be a role model to others in maintaining such behaviors.

Based on the fact that nursing profession is guided by the code of ethics to provide nursing services or engage in the nursing practice, a nurse leader is well equipped with the ethical foundation that can be applied in all areas. The ethical principles of respect, beneficence as well as justice can be applied by the nursing leader in business practice.




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