Workplace violence

Workplace violence

Environmental safety is describes as the practice of the policies and the practices that are meant to ensure that the surrounding environment that includes the work environment and other facilities are free from the dangers that cause harm, injury to the individual operating in such areas. Typically, a safe place of work is the key element of the environmental safety. Today, environmental safety has become one of the high priority issues within the United States and many countries as well (Laser, 2007). It is one of the determining factors that influences the productivity and functionality of the people at the work place.

My reaction would depend highly on the person who is creating the work place violence. What is the most important; I trust that I do not often tolerate being faced with violence regardless of the source or the circumstances causing the violence. If the violence emanates from the colleagues, I think I will have to talk to them and if no change is witnessed, I will walk out of the work place. I do not also believe on responding to the work place violence.  I would rather be silent and approach the person perpetrating work place violence when there are sober. I feel that my reaction to work place violence is appropriate and professional. Some of the suggestions of properly responding to the work place violence are refraining from responding to the violence, promoting team work at the work place, properly remunerating the worker so as to reduce frustrations at the work place. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure that the working conditions, supervision and other conditions are made friendly for the employees at the work place.





Laser, M. (2007). Recent Safety and Environmental Legislation. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 85(6), 600-601.


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