Topic: Literature Support for Your Project

Topic: Literature Support for Your Project

What are the two most important peer-reviewed articles you have found that support the need for you project?
How do these articles support your project?
What type of articles will you include in your literature synthesis to support your project?

Textbook Reading:

Project Planning and Management: A Guide for Nurses and Interprofessional Teams

  • “Literature Synthesis and Organizational Alignment to Project Interventions and Implementation”

Journal Reading

Please retrieve and read the following Journal articles from the Library. Articles can be located through a search in the CINAHL database, OVID database, Course Documents, or by using the link at the end of the reference if provided.

Kipp, A., Cunsolo, A., Vodden, K., King, N., Manners, S., & Harper, S. L., (2019). Climate change impacts on health and wellbeing in rural and remote regions across Canada: A synthesis of the literature. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice, 39(4), 122-126. Retrieved from

Schwarz, C. M., Hoffmann, M., Schwarz, P., Kamolz ,L. P., Brunner, G., & Sendlhofer, G. (2019). A systematic literature review and narrative synthesis on the risks of medical discharge letters for patients’ safety. BMC Health Services Research, 19(1), 158. Retrieved from