The Institute Of Medicine paper

The Institute Of Medicine paper
The institute of medicine (IOM) comprised of the report that would make recommendations of the blueprint of future nursing. It was working along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to achieve its objectives. Its purposes were inspired by the need to asses and transformed the nursing profession. Nurses are the center of healthcare; therefore, they are crucial in transforming the current health care system (Altman, Butler, & Shern., 2016).

The institute of medicine report contains several recommendations that are key in propelling the nursing inti the future.

In the institute of medicine contains eight important recommendations, and if implemented, it will result in better practice. Nurses education is the focus of most stakeholders and even in the IOM it states that nurses should have a lifelong education, they should always be updated on the refresher courses and upgrade their qualifications such that by 2020 the degree nurses will be 80% (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine., 2016). Advanced education means more knowledge, and this will help the nurses to lead the change in advancing healthcare and provide positive outcomes.

Implementation of the nurses’ residency is another bright idea, and it does not only apply to the new nurses but also to the nurses who move from one place to another. Nurses residency has shown to be important in increasing communication and leadership skills, increases job retention, and reduces stress (Letourneau, & Fater., 2015). The IOM also recommends that they should be a collaboration with the interdisciplinary team, which may include the doctors, occupational therapists, and social workers. This approach is good in providing a holistic approach to the patients. With the recommendation in place, nurses can perform their duties effectively, and people will receive the best care are required by evidenced care nursing.


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