Revenue Cycle Monitors

Revenue Cycle Monitors
Identify the purpose and process for each component of the revenue cycle management.
Describe the importance of revenue cycle management in the acute care environment and the impact it can have on the healthcare organization.
Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
HI215-3: Examine healthcare related compliance strategies and reporting standards.
In this Assignment, the information will assist you in the completion of your larger Assignment in Unit 9.

Review the information on revenue cycle monitors in both of your textbooks and in a separate Word document, address the following issues:
Identify the phases of the revenue management life cycle and the activities included in each phase. Discuss the interrelationships that exist among the revenue cycle activities in the different phases, and the impact they can have for the organization’s financial health.
Identify tools and techniques used to improve health care finance and discuss the role technology plays in successful revenue cycle management.
Review two of the monitors and describe their purpose and how they “monitor” the finance health of an organization. Which monitors do you feel are the most important? Why? Support your answers.