Nursing Thesis Statement

Nursing Thesis Statement

The fast food industry is fast growing and people have turned into the junk foods hence the need to evaluate the consumption of these foods.

Ellwood, P., Asher, M. I., García-Marcos, L., Williams, H., Keil, U., Robertson, C., … & Beasley,            R. (2013). Do fast foods cause asthma, rhino-conjunctivitis and eczema? Global findings       from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) Phase             Three. Thorax, thoraxjnl-2012.

Ellwood among others conducted a study to determine whether fast foods could cause asthma, rhino-conjunctivitis, and eczema. They found out that fruits had a protective effect while fast foods were associated with an increased risk for severe asthma. Fast foods increased the risk for severe rhino-conjunctivitis and eczema as well. The authors of the article have specialization in pediatrics hence can command such an article. The article informs my research by outlining the linkage between fast foods and respiratory conditions.

Poti, J. M., Duffey, K. J., & Popkin, B. M. (2014). The association of fast food consumption with            poor dietary outcomes and obesity among children: is it the fast food or the remainder of          the diet?. The American journal of clinical nutrition99(1), 162-171.

Poti et al investigated the association of fast food consumption with poor dietary outcomes in children to determine if they were caused by the fast foods or other dietary components. They discovered that apart from fast foods other western foods could also contribute to overweight and obesity. Poti, Duffey, and Popkin are credible authors in the field of nutrition and their information is valuable. The article is useful for this research as it outlines other causes of poor dietary outcomes like overweight and obesity other than fast foods.

Arquette, C. (2014). Are there fast-food choices for end-stage renal disease patients? A look at    phosphorus and potassium content in common fast foods. Journal of Renal   Nutrition24(3), e19-e21.

Arquette conducted a study to determine the fast foods that can be used in patients with end-stage renal disease by looking at how much phosphorus and potassium such foods contain. They found out that some restaurants meet the recommended diets for patients with the end stage renal disease.The author has great authority to command this article because of her specialization in renal nutrition and the information is useful. The article informs my thesis statement that not all restaurants offer fast foods with more than the required micronutrients; some offer adequate levels.

Mytton, O. T., Clarke, D., & Rayner, M. (2012). Taxing unhealthy food and drinks to improve             health. BMJ344(may15 2), e2931-e2931.

Mytton, Rayner, and Clarke conducted a research to determine if taxing unhealthy foods and drinks could be used as a mechanism to improve the health of people. They found out the venture is uncertain since it is not clear at which level should the tax be introduced; the raw material or the final product. The authors consist a heart foundation group which does a lot of research regarding health where my topic lies. The article brings about an important point by highlighting the fact that the consumption of fast foods can be reduced through the implementation of taxes.

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