Numbness and Pain

Numbness and Pain
Please use the Episodic/Focused SOAP Template uploaded and create an episodic/focused note about the patient in the case study. Also, review the Rubric as it is pertinent to the assignment. Case study information as follows:
Case Study: Numbness and Pain
A 47-year-old obese female complains of pain in her right wrist, with tingling and numbness in the thumb and index and middle fingers for the past 2 weeks. She has been frustrated because the pain causes her to drop her hair-styling tools.
Consider what history would be necessary to collect from the patient in the case study you were assigned.
Consider what physical exams and diagnostic tests would be appropriate to gather more information about the patient\’s condition. How would the results be used to make a diagnosis?
Provide evidence from the literature to support diagnostic tests that would be appropriate for each case.
Identify five possible conditions that may be considered in a differential diagnosis for the patient and include your reasoning.