Minorillness cases

Minorillness cases
describe two minor illness cases that you have managed personally, one adult and one
child under the age of 14. Each case must present with symptoms of an acute illness, so a
health check, chronic disease monitoring, or contraception request would not be suitable.

Each study should be a minimum of 700 words. One of your studies must contain a handwritten prescription. Please do not send a prescription that could actually be used. Mark
the prescription as “example”. A template prescription’ form is included on your USB
You will be assessed on your description of the patient’s problem(s), the management
plan and its justification, the outcome for the patient and your prescription writing.
Choose a case that will allow you to demonstrate the theory that underpins your depth of
knowledge and critically evaluate the outcomes of the management plan.
 Was it the correct management?
 What worked, what did not?
 What would you do again?
 Firm evidence with supporting references

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