Link between Theory and Nursing Practice

Link between Theory and Nursing Practice

Despite the fact that nursing theories aim at providing a sound framework for nursing practice, they differ greatly. Some of the theories have a direct connection to the patient`s environment while are directly linked to the patient. For example, the environmental theory developed by Florence Nightingale is mainly concerned with the environment that surrounds the patient. Conversely, self-care theory developed by Dorothea Orem outlines the capacity of human beings to take care of themselves (Alligood, 2014). Therefore, despite having a common goal, nursing theories are different in nature.

Nursing theories have a direct connection to APN practice since the specialty involve the integration of theoretical concepts, skills as well as understanding to achieve effective nursing care practice. For instant, Dellefield et al. (2015) assert that complex theory facilitates a holistic view of nursing care since it strives to develop close link between the emotions, the psychological aspects, the spiritual aspects; the social-cultural aspect and other aspects that directly influence the well-being of human beings.

According to Royal College of Nursing. (2012), the Advanced Practitioner Nurse is a specialist who can integrate theoretical understanding into and skills in the practice of nursing. It is the ability of the advanced nurse practitioners to integrate the existing nursing theoretical frameworks with the developed nursing skill that enable them to offer advanced and quality care compared to other nurses. For instance, responsibility that rests on the soldiers of the advanced practitioner nurse requires effective integration of nursing skills to theoretical knowledge to achieve evidence-based practice. Conclusively, nursing theories differ based on the core principles that govern them. Likewise, there exist a direct connection between nursing theories and the practice of the advanced nurse practitioner specialist.


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