How write a nursing Course Evaluation paper

How write a nursing Course Evaluation paper

Introduction: Self-assessment of skills and knowledge is crucial in medicine and life learning. It is a requirement for professional medics to determine their Continuing professional development (CPD), which is done through self-evaluation (Evans et al., 2022). For students, self-assessment provides an opportunity for judging ourselves and addressing areas for improvement (Evans et al., 2022). It also determines if the learning took place or not. This paper will entail my self-evaluation of each course objective and met the objectives.


The first-course objective was nursing roles that meet the arising health needs of individuals. I learned how important nursing is to the general health of the population. I conceptualize how nurses work with other health teams to promote and protect the health of individuals in the communities. The course helped me identify the important role of nurses, which is to advocate for the health needs of the population to the ministry and other health bodies (Mengistu & Misganaw, 2022). As a nurse student, I learned what is expected of me during my studies and professional development.

I learned about political, social, social, and economic factors that influence clients’ health-seeking behaviors and delivery of care by healthcare providers. I found out individuals will seek care in health institutions that respect their culture and way of living (Mengistu & Misganaw, 2022). Lack of information and economic power impacted health-seeking behavior negatively. Furthermore, I learned legal issues and policies dictate health-seeking behavior. When the policies are favorable to health workers and patients, more people seek healthcare.

Under vulnerable populations, I learned what a vulnerable population is and the social discrimination they are likely to face. It can be health or economic disparities. We discussed possible solutions to these disparities for each category of a vulnerable population. What runs across categories is social protection (Mengistu & Misganaw, 2022). Social protection helps individuals cater to their needs minimizing disparities and discrimination from caregivers.

Our lifestyle or way of living will affect our health. Under trends in lifestyle, I Learned how it would affect the health of communities and the most likely future challenges in nursing. From consuming healthy diets to unhealthy diets, smoking, alcohol taking, no physical activities pose a danger to our health (Mengistu & Misganaw, 2022). I learned that healthcare facilities would be overwhelmed with heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes with the current lifestyle. Trends in lifestyle are our collective responsibility, and we should address them individually.

Under the topic of outbreak investigation and public health surveillance, I learned the process and stages of conducting public health surveillance on an outbreak. I am conversant with confirming the outbreak, verifying diagnosis, case definition, case finding, describing the epidemiology, conducting analytical studies, evaluating control measures, and investigation as the stages of disease surveillance (Mengistu & Misganaw, 2022). Furthermore, the course helped me find the importance of appropriate communication and media involvement in outbreak management.

During the course, I have learned how to offer nursing care in all phases of disaster management. I appreciate the importance of determining a command-and-control plan in the preparedness phase (Mengistu & Misganaw, 2022). Identifying roles of internal and external agencies is important in the preparedness phase to avoid conflicts. Additionally, confirming legal basis and determining a communication system is a requirement in the first phase of disaster management. I learned response phase entails implementing the plan prepared in the first phase. Also, I discovered disaster recovery phase entails implementing long and short-term actions to bring the community back to a normal state.


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