Health care Operations Change

Health care Operations Change

Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS) forms one of the innovative and leading healthcare organizations in North and South Carolina. The organization provides a diverse network of care to include hospitals, academic medical centers, nursing homes, surgical centers and freestanding emergency departments. Although the organization provides health care services to North and South Carolina Citizens, it is regarded as a National organization because of its size and the population it serves (Alexander, 2017). Carolinas Healthcare System provides national research on diseases and its collaboration with other organizations within the United States makes it a national organization. The current capacity of CHS employees is 65,000, and the system operates a total of 7,400 beds in all hospitals it controls.

The most recent event that changed operations in the organization was the announcement of the formation of a new organization in partnership with the University of North Carolina (UNC) (University, O. N. C. H. C, 2017). The decision was made in August 2017, and relevant communications with the UNC were made through the signing of the Letter of Intent. The organizational change is attributed to the reduced healthcare services present in North Carolina and also lack of enough research on diseases such as cancer (Jansson, 2013). The annual report of 2017 indicates that there is a huge gap between services needed and services provided in Carolina.

The formation of the new organization is an event that has been discussed and communicated within the organization. The signing of the LOI between the two parties indicates the legitimacy of the change. The organizational publication of August 21, 2017, apparently shows the purpose of the event and how it is going to be deployed. The communication was valid because there was a positive response from the healthcare team. Availability of the change plan in journals and publications indicates the effectiveness of the event.


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