FNP. Strategies for contract negotiation

FNP. Strategies for contract negotiation

My practice is worth because if I can see 20 patients per day at an average of $56 per patients, it means per day I can generate $1120. If I can take a week of because of illness and a week because of education continuation, and four weeks because of vacation and around 10% of the unpaid bills and 90% collection rate, I can generate $231855. These are good amount of money to the practice. Nurses are required to provide efficient and effective healthcare services that are aimed at improving the healthcare of the patients(eCareers, 2017). Above all, their practice should be worthy. If I can generate $231855 after all the deductions are made, it means my practice is valuable.

The nurse’s practitioners (NPs) generates revenue. I have knowledge of how my work as a practitioner contributes to the revenue of the clinical practice area I operates. In each day, I can see 20 patients, and on every third weekend, I take a call. Buppert (2011) states that a nursing capable of seeing 15 patients on the dairy basis at the cost of $56 per day can generate around $840. If the nurse can take a week off because of illness and four weeks because of vacation and a week for education continuation, can generate around $193,200 on a yearly basis. For a nursing practice, this is a suitable amount of revenue generated. Assuming that the collection rate is approximate 90% and only around 10% is deducted for the bills, which are not paid, the nursing practitioner can bring around $173,800(Buppert, 2011).  The difference is minimal because a nurse who is able to see 24 patients per day is able to generate approximate $278, 208. However, during the negotiation, I can agree to increase the number of patients am seeing to 24 per day(Blazek, 2014).




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