Ethical Nursing Dilemma case study

Ethical Nursing Dilemma case study

You are working by yourself in a small emergency department (ED) on a busy Friday night. The nurse stops you between patients to tell you that the intoxicated man with the head laceration is about to leave without being seen. You are worried that he may not be making a good decision, so you decide to talk to him. You discover that the large laceration on his forehead is the result of a fall down a large number of concrete stairs. He was unconscious for a period of time, and doesn’t remember much of what happened before the fall. He admits to drinking between 10 and 12 beers tonight. He is tired of waiting and insists on going home. You are worried that he has a serious head injury and that he does not understand the implications of refusing medical care. However, after you explain your concerns to him, he is able to tell you (albeit with a slight slur) what the possible risks of leaving are, and that he is willing to accept these risks. He says that if you don’t let him leave, he will sue you for assault, battery, and unlawful confinement


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an ethical dilemma case study will be provided with a sample essay and some required reference sources.on top of the sources provided the writer should use peer-reviewed journals to support the essay (strict requirement).in the appendix of the essay bioethical decision-making model chart should be filled- see the sample essay attached. MUST HAVE 2-3 REFERENCES PER PARAGRAPH