Dependent and extraneous variables in nursing

Dependent and extraneous variables in nursing
The dependent variable is the variable that is being measured in an experiment. On the other hand, the independent variable is the variable that undergoes change or manipulation in atrial. According to (Rosenberg, 2017) extraneous variables are the variables that are unnecessary
or are not required in an experiment because it influences the relationship of the variables that are being measured and manipulated in an investigation or research. Besides,  extraneous
variables are not an independent variable, but they still affect the results of the study.
Dependent and extraneous variables in nursing

The change that occurs in a dependent variable is all the things that the researcher is trying to measure with
every technique and approach they are using in research. Independent variable is the variable that
is believed to bring about the effect and the changes on the dependent variable.
If not brought to control, the extraneous variable can ultimately affect the research
experiment and finally change the outcome and the results of the research. (Zellme, Caligiuri &
Thomas, 2016) Argues that in every study, the independent variable is the only variable that is
supposed to exert change on the dependent variable in an experiment. Therefore, any other
variable that affects the dependent variable, primarily, the extraneous variables are supposed to
be put into control.
Research need to control the extraneous variables to obtain the actual results. First, the
study should control the participant variables such as age, gender and race (Rosenberg, 2017).
People of similar characteristics should be identified and recruited to form a sample size for the
research experiment, such as older women between the ages of 45 – 65 for cancer screening.
Secondly, the researchers should avoid experimenter biases caused by the researchers
themselves. The participants can easily change their behaviour because of investigators effect.
All the attributes of the researchers that can affect the participant's response should be assessed
and managed before the research begins.

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