Concept of Leadership

Concept of Leadership

Leadership being a vocation places enormous moral responsibilities and commitment on the shoulders of leaders in the organization. The fact that t is a vocation means that leaders always take up the responsibilities to lead long before other parties identify them. Some have claimed that leaders are born; be that as it may, one gets the feeling that an administrator recognizes them. Their role is a vocation, a calling. Because it is a calling the leaders act as role models and examples to many people that follow them with or without their knowledge (NORTHOUSE, 2017). A leader that knows that their position puts them in such spotlight is likely to set high moral standards because they know it will be copied.

The leader’s commitment to their work should be second to no other in the organization. They are the light that people look up to, and if their commitments are unwavering, then the rest of the employees are bound to follow his example (Marturano & Gosling, 2008).

Because leadership is a calling, the leader has the responsibility to ensure the holistic welfare of the employees under them. They not only carry out managerial functions that they are paid for, but they go an extra mile to make an impact in the lives of their followers. Towards the organization, a leader is expected to make the success of the team his personal goal. The objectives of the organization should be his or her goal because he is supposed to be passionate about the team and everything about it (Leadership Theory and Practice 5th Ed + Introduction to Leadership Concepts and Practice, 2009). Towards their position, they should not merely see an opportunity to make a living but a role to make positive impact on the lives of many people who are looking up to him




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