Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Abuse and Neglect

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Protecting children and providing assistance to abusive and neglectful families from abuse and neglect is a communal responsibility: a collective action. Majority of people, adults wishes to help children and families from abuse and neglect. However, they are not sure how to involve themselves in the mix (Iwaniec, 2006). Most of the time, this is as easy as helping a neighbor who needs a break through keeping an eye on his or her family for some hours. In other situations, people may be suspicious or worried that a child or a particular family may have been neglected or abused already. It is normally confusing and difficult to think of the next step in such situations. However, the most important thing is not to allow confusion or discomfort interferes with your intent to help a child to stay safe, even if it involves reaching out for professional assistance (National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, 1997). In most counties,
… It is everyone’s responsibility both as a member of the community and as an individual to respond to suspected child abuse. For this reason, several agencies provide assistance to abusive and neglectful families in various communities (Iwaniec, 2006). This paper seeks to locate and collect materials from 5 such agencies and describe the services they offer. In addition, the paper will document the addresses and telephone numbers of these agencies. Finally, the paper will address why the incidence of child abuse or neglect appear to be highest among disadvantaged families.

The following agencies provide assistance to abusive and neglectful families.

Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA)

This community agency is committed to promoting policies, legislation, and programs that help in preventing child abuse and neglect, support abusive and neglectful families, and support healthy childhood development. …

Parents Anonymous Inc.

This community agency is an organization that strengthens families, and is dedicated to preventing child neglect and abuse. Parents Anonymous Inc. runs a number of initiatives and programs such as complementary…

National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC)

This agency supports the efforts of Administration for Children and Families’ Office of Family Assistance (OFA) to help communities and States to support and promote Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood… Based Child Abuse Prevention National Resource Center (CBCAP) (FRIENDS)

National Exchange Club Foundation (NECF)

This agency is committed to meeting the goals of the Prevention of Child Abuse as a National Project. Currently, the National Exchange Club Foundation (NECF) helps in the establishment and development of community based prevention programs for child abuse and neglect (Platt & Shemmings, 2006). The agency also supports community services and youth programs. The major initiative the agency is involved in is the Child Abuse Prevention service (CAP). National Exchange Club Foundation (NECF) is situated at 3050 Central Avenue, Toledo, OH 43606-1700, phone number (800) 924-2643 (Helfer & Kempe, 2006).


In conclusion, majority of people, adults wishes to help children and families from abuse and neglect. However, they are not sure how to involve themselves in the mix….

This is mainly because of lack of information on proper channels to follow to report such incidences. Regardless of the laws in your state, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect children from abuse and neglect (National Research Council, 2003). This is the reason a number of agencies appear to be louder on child abuse than other disadvantaged families.


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