Professional Portfolio & Development Plan

Professional Portfolio & Development Plan
The purpose for this assignment is to create a professional portfolio to maintain your Nursing documents for promotions, retention, publications, presentations, and career development. The portfolio is a collection of your best work, certifications, licensure, evaluations, and letters of recommendations, awards, and honors. Yoder-Wise (2015) suggests “Creating a professional portfolio, the basics of which are found in the citations made in your CV, can help organize one element of your professional life” (p. 553). Plan to maintain your portfolio for the remainder of your career. You will only be graded on those items underlined including professional portfolio presentation, other documentation only if applicable. Although this assignment can be cumbersome it will become your best career friend.
A. Purchase sheet protectors and a 3 ring professional binder
a. Create a professional presentation of your career to Include:
i. Cover letter (hypothetical for your dream job)
ii. Updated professional resume and Curriculum Vitae
iii. Professional photo
iv. Brief Personal Bio
v. Professional development plan outlining your future professional career plan: (Be creative, reflective, analytical) and include;
1. Statement of your career objective
2. Professional goals
3. Timeline for completing goals
4. Future academic goals if any (PhD, DNP, Post Masters certificate)
5. Plan for Certification and/or Professional membership
6. Leadership Development Plan
7. Self care (Interests, hobbies, recreation)
vi. A copy of a job description for your dream job if found
vii. A copy of a paper that you have written which you feel is an excellent representation of your best work (will not be graded)viii. Copies of awards, honors, certifications
ix. Copies of Continuing education certificates which led to specialization or expertise in your chosen field
x. Publications, presentations, poster presentations if applicable
xi. Critique of each educational program (Patient, Staff, Organizational, or Personal) that you participated in;
1. Planned, Presented, Contributed to, and/or Taught
xii. All Volunteer Activities
1. Documentation
2. Letters of appreciation or recognition
3. Include brief description of the organization and contact information
xiii. Nursing Philosophy (1 to 2 paragraphs)
xiv. Revise and update the portfolio each semester
xv. May choose to keep an electronic portfolio but in interviews the professional portfolio is impressive to potential employers

Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2015). Leading and managing in nursing (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby. Recommended reading page 546 (Box 29-1 and pages 549-560, resume samples in doc sharing.

Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J (2012). Career development: From new graduate to retirement (pp. 229-251). In Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application (7th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Recommended reading pages 245-250.
Grading Criteria: Professional Portfolio & Development Plan
Quality of Content (80 Points)
___/10 points: Cover Letter
___/15 points: Professional Resume
___/10 points: Curriculum Vitae
___/10 points: Personal Bio
___/28 points: Professional Development Plan which includes statement of career objective, professional goals, timeline, academic plan, plan for certification, membership in organizations, Leadership development plan, self care/personal goals.
___/5 points: Your personal Nursing Philosophy
___/2 points: Title Page

Quality of Writing (20 Points)
___/5: Format – Text meets APA/MSN standards
___/5: Organization – Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking
___/5: Precision – Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely
___/5: Mechanics – Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly


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