Needs analysis for additional staff in ED

Needs analysis for additional staff in ED
Conduct a needs analysis for the proposed increased resources.( Replacement of 2 full time RNS and 1 additional RN for expanding ER)
Evaluate data gathered on the need for the resources.( patient satisfaction, wait times in the ED,)
Justify why the resources are needed, not just a request but based on the data supporting a gap, increased need or new service.( patient satisfaction, unable to meet demand)
Evaluate the effect increased resources will have on improving patient care.
Determine whether there is a need for a contractual agreement or not.( Yes, it is a full time employee)
The writing part is only a small summary. The major part is a diagram or chart which will show the need. You are trying to show a need analysis The project I chose was an ED, with patient satisfaction as a key or increased workload.

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